Travel to Alpharetta North Carolina

Alpharetta Commerce Group

In the heart of North Carolina is the small town of Alpharetta click here. Founded in 1734 by William Johnson, it is still known today as a plantation. Known for its abundance of seafood, the city of Alpharetta has been known as a fishing destination since the 1700s. Today, seafood is grown in the nearby Atlantic Ocean and canned seafood is shipped across state lines for sale. In recent years, however, fresh seafood has become more important to locals, who have begun to patronize small local businesses and chefs.

The members of the Alpharetta Commerce Group, headed by John G. Gill, Jr. (chairman), are some of the wealthiest people in the state. They own a string of waterfront property and apartment buildings in addition to the well-known fishing and tourism enterprises. These businesses generate income through the rental of their properties and fees from their tenants. Together they use this money to buy and restore old houses for resale and build new ones, which they then market to tourists.

The head office is on Pier 52 in downtown Alpharetta. Here business owners can shop for a wide range of products such as marine equipment, dry cleaning, seafood processing, dry goods, jewelry, furniture, clothing and food services. They can also choose to purchase or lease marinas, waterway rights, fish boat slips, and other property that would enhance their portfolio. The Waterfront Partnership pays all local government fees and taxes, including utilities, for waterway use.

In the historic district, there are two public access points to the waterfront. One goes to the public ferry terminal downtown and the other goes to the historic Woolworth Park. A walking path leads from the ferry terminal to Woolworth Park, where you will find beautiful landscaping, gardens and a playground. On your way back from the Waterfront Partnership office, you will pass a row of shops featuring art studios, vintage clothing boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Walking through this historic community will give you an up-close look at the lifestyle and culture of the people who call this area home.

The Waterfront Partnership also owns and operates a marina with two full service docks. The dock is open to all boats and is surrounded by a highly lighted structure with four steel berths. This dock has accessibility to the public and offers parking, clubhouses, and meeting rooms. You can reserve your own private slip for events at this marina.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider staying at the luxurious River Walk Water Park. Located on the River Walk’s eastern border, this 8-acre water park features an abundance of walking trails, boat rentals, picnic facilities, nature paths, and shady picnic pavilions. The waterway runs beneath the historic district of Downtown Alpharetta.