How to Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odors

pet stain removal

Many leading carpet cleaning firms today offer pet stain removal services for pet owners with dogs and cats. A full deep cleaning performed by a skilled professional carpet cleaner is capable of removing any lingering odors and stains that may be interfering with your pet’s comfort and cleanliness. In addition to helping you remove pet stains, a carpet shampooer can also help remove pet dander which can cause allergic reactions in humans as well as animals. Pet odor removal is made possible by the use of a steam cleaning system that uses liquid detergents. The detergent solution is then sprayed on the carpet, where it works its way deep into the pile to remove dirt and soil from deep within the pile itself.

The use of pet stain removal shampooers is the preferred method of cleaning today. Carpet shampooers have powerful enzymes that break down tough stains on carpet surfaces. Unlike steam cleaners, shampooers remove stains from carpet fibers rather than spraying a chemical mixture onto the surface. This allows the cleaner more control over how much cleaner is used on each square yard of carpet. Using a good quality shampooer with a dry steam function will ensure that the surfaces of your carpets remain clean and dry after the cleaning process is complete.

A pet stain removal shampoo may be used to remove pet urine from floors or other soiled areas. If a dog or cat has left an unattended bowl of urine behind, the smell will soon attract people who may want to try to identify the source of the smell. Using an enzyme-based pet stain removal shampoo will remove the distinctive smell from the urine. The cleaner will also loosen any remaining dirt or soil on the surface of the floor or other soiled area.

For urine on hard wood floors, the best stain treatment solution is Bissell clean carpet and rug cleaner. To apply the cleaner, simply follow the directions on the label. After spraying the cleaner on the floor, it is important to allow it time to absorb the liquid. If the carpet becomes noticeably wet, it is advisable to use a clean towel to dry the surface quickly so as not to leave any residue that could attract soil or dust.

To find the best overall pet stain removal system, look for a machine that contains baking soda or borax. These ingredients will significantly reduce odors and disinfect the carpets. Another useful trick is to try to resist the urge to rub the stained area with an unwashed cloth. Smearing the area with a dirty cloth will only encourage more bacteria to grow. Instead, blot the area with the recommended stain remover.

Most pet owners would do anything to prevent accidents like these from happening. However, as most accidents can’t be prevented, they can certainly be arrested. As with other household chores, pet stain removal should be done regularly, especially if your pet is always outdoors. Vacuuming regularly and cleaning up spills ASAP will help reduce your pet’s risk of getting dengue and other viral diseases. Remember that prevention is still better than treating pet odor removal when it has already occurred.