Freight+ Volume Exhibition For Design Museum, Art Gallery And Curators

Freight+Volume are a new creation series from the artist collective named PENK Gallery. It is an exhibit that showcases different work of curators, visual artists and designers from different parts of the country. The group started curating six months ago in New York and has gone through many successful events thus far. They have exhibited their work at the prestigious Saachi Gallery in New York and have also made numerous appearances at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Saachi Gallery in Los Angeles. They have also been a featured exhibitor at the Frieze Art fair in London.


Freight+Volume are an exciting new exhibition series from the curators of PENK Gallery. It is a joint effort between the group and the famous curators of the year, Frank Gehry and Yusef Islam. This new series offers more perspectives and curiosities than ever before. The curators combined their expertise with the knowledge of graphic design and art marketing to bring to life a new modern exhibition series from the heart of New York City. The result is a treasure trove of original work by some of the most talented artists from around the world.

Freight+Volume is a joint project of the PENK Gallery and the artists involved. The artists involved are Oliver Peoples, Sameer Elzesha, Nadeem Eid, Zia Afzal, Mustafa Douma and many others. These artists bring a fresh perspective to the world of art. They not only bring freshness but their work embraces the idea of politics as well. In this new series the curators deliberately bring topics that are timely in relation to the political climate. For example, the series tackled the war on terror and their relation to art, the media and politics, contemporary art and social networking.

Freight+Volume features over forty artists from nineteen different countries. The curators are Peter Koudie, Guy Coelho, Laura Trinh and Maxime Philippe. Each artist has a different style that is influenced by different aspects of the culture they come from. This gives each artist a unique platform to express themselves artistically. The subjects are chosen from all over the world and are brought together in the Freight+ Volume exhibition. They cover a range of different topics including fashion & style, photography, music, literature, film & television, installation, multimedia and sculpture.

It is incredible how a small group of people can have such a profound affect on the expression and quality of art. Each artist chose a different subject to weave their art around and it results in a really strong and diverse collection. The beauty of this collection though comes from the fact that each of these different artists chose to focus on something different. The result is something that no other exhibition could give.

There are various websites that offer a Freight+Volume subscription scheme. This is essentially a membership scheme where you pay a monthly fee and gain access to the different Freight+ Volume exhibitions that are being held around the globe. The best thing about subscribing to any of these online subscriptions is that you can simply relax and enjoy your subscription, and not worry about missing any of the great events. This is a fantastic way to get the full benefit of what the Freight+ Volume exhibition has to offer.