Electrician Pro – An Electrical Contractor For Lubbock TX

If you are in need of electrical service, contact the experienced and professional staff at Electrician Pro in Lubbock, Texas. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services. Our prices are competitive and our workmanship is second to none. Whether you need a new appliance installed or an entire electrical system repaired, we’ve got you covered. We serve Lubbock, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Charges for an electrician in Lubbock TX

If you need an electrician in Lubbock TX for a single electrical problem, you should know what you can expect to pay for the service. Residential electricians can perform a range of jobs that range from installing new light fixtures to installing an entire home security system. The more complicated the job, the higher the price will be. The job’s complexity will be reflected in the time it takes the electrician to complete the task.

The average salary for an electrician in Lubbock TX is $55,685 per year, or $27 per hour. The range of pay is $40,334 to $68,432 depending on the education and experience of the individual. The highest educational qualification for an electrician is a High School Diploma. The cost of labor is calculated using actual housing sales data obtained from commercial sources, gasoline prices, and effective income tax rates.

License requirements for an electrician in Lubbock TX

Obtaining a license as an electrician requires several requirements, depending on what kind of work you want to do. Generally, you must have a four-year degree in electrical engineering or electrical technology, or have completed an approved apprenticeship program. After you have completed the educational requirements, you must obtain 2,000 hours of experience under the supervision of a licensed master electrician. The license also requires you to have proof of general liability insurance.

You can become an electrician in Lubbock, Texas by enrolling in a training program. Texas has strict licensing requirements for electricians. A journeyman electrician must earn at least $8,500 in training. A master electrician must earn at least $120,000, and a minimum of four years of experience is required for a master electrician license. You can search for training programs in Lubbock, Texas by entering your zip code.

Licensed electricians in Lubbock TX

Looking for an electrical contractor in Lubbock? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you need to install a new outlet or upgrade your old wiring, Electrician Pro is the electrical contractor you need! We provide a comprehensive range of electrical services for both commercial and residential properties. With affordable rates and top-notch workmanship, Electrician Pro is a top choice for Lubbock residents.

Flickering lights are a sign of a failed electrical circuit. Electrical wiring is susceptible to damage from rats or deterioration, affecting electricity throughout the property. If the lights flicker constantly, they’re probably due to a tripped circuit breaker, overloaded circuit, or fuse box problem. Contact a electrician Lubbock right away to have your home’s electrical system repaired and working smoothly!