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It’s quite known that all if not most consumers have a negative opinion of any type of collection persons or services. What most people don’t realize is that in the majority of these cases these are very proficient organizations that literally adhere to the regulations that they are required to adhere to or be fined or worse. From what we were able to uncover the majority actually implement the rules that govern the collections business. These are rules that are often referred to as the FDCPA regulations.

Let’s be realistic, the main reason this industry has such as negative reputation is due to the fact that any type of consumer collection-based business is peppered with persons in the legal business seeking to earn a living on the backs of others by indirectly convincing debt laden individuals that just the mere allegation of violation of one of these FDCPA regulations will provide them not only debt relief but monetary gain. It’s this activity which overtime as created this tainted reputation of the debt collection industry.

This dark reputation has literally been caused by those either deep in debt seeking a way out and those that are in it for a buck! It leads to unsuspecting debtors unconsciously being convinced collection activity will totally cease simply by asserting regulatory violations that they find on the web published by these legal websites. In no way are we stating that any of these websites or blogs are intentionally attempting to have people lie or to make any false claims, but the fact is that less than a 0.01 percent of all complaints ever turnout to be legitimate and as such never brought before the city, state or federal regulators and not even the Better Business Bureau.

We close this article confident that although there are without any doubt debt collection companies and employees that do in fact violate the FDCPA regulations but after a long grueling look at the fact we concluded that a tiny percentage of the claims never turn out to be legit and such claims are used to in layperson terms blackmail the legit collection companies into paying settlements to avoid the threat of legal action which would be costlier whether they are guilty or not.

Our research has proven that ZFN Associates even with all the claims we came across on the internet and all of which by the way primarily on attorney blogs there were no claims of record on any government agency or related consumer watchdogs ZFN Associates, ZFN and Associates , Zenith Financial Network, Zenith Financial Network, Inc is also known as; Zenith Financial Debt Collection, ZFN Processing, ZFN Debt Collection and ZFN and Associates all show that they are operating within the law and have no, that’s right none, violations lodged against them. If someone is calling from any these phone numbers, although we are sure there are many more are; 561-807-8599, 888-266-2579, 504-613-4342, 888-591-3861, 888-420-1523, 888-290-4845, 561-570-5880, 214-306-6694, 843-885-8109, 323-688-7749, 866-915-0918 they do in fact belong to Zenith Financial Network.

Who is ZFN Associates? Are you receiving calls from any of these numbers?

(702) 780-0429,1(702) 780-0429, 702-780-0429, +1 702-780-0429, 702.780.0429, +1 (702) 780 0429, +1 7027800429, +17027800429, 17027800429, 7027800429, or are they calling you from any of these phone numbers? 561-807-8599, 888-266-2579, 504-613-4342, 888-591-3861, 888-420-1523, 888-290-4845, 561-570-5880, 214-306-6694, 843-885-8109, 323-688-7749, 866-915-0918

ZFN Associates, Zenith Financial Network is a third-party collection agency, headquartered at 1489 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Suite 360, Boca Raton, FL  33486. Zenith Financial Network is a Florida corporation and according to the Better Business Bureau ZFN Associates is categorized as a collection agency. According to Zenith Financial Network’s website it focuses on accounts receivable management services specializing in consumer collections throughout the United States.

ZFN Associates collects on debts that are owed to third parties and collects on debts owed to major financial institutions, such as credit cards, installment loans, auto loans; retail store credit cards; student loans; insurance claims; and healthcare debt. At times ZFN Associates may be referred to as a junk-debt buyer. ZFN is also collecting on payday loans. For example, some collection agencies may buy debt for pennies on the dollar, and then collect on it. ZFN collects on various debts including payday loans.

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ZFN Associates is located at 1489 Palmetto Park Road, Suite 360, Boca Raton, FL 33486. The main telephone numbers for Zenith Financial Network are 888-591-3861 and 888-420-1523. These are just two of many ZFN contact numbers many more are listed above.